My first ever @wholefoodsmarket trip 🙈

Tonight’s dinner was the rest of last night’s brown rice noodles with veggies, grape tomatoes, and olive oil. Working eight-hour shifts has helped me to appreciate leftovers.
I have been following her journey for a while now and she is beyond inspirational. She is ⬇️more than 80 pounds and going 💪. If you are not following her then you need to start! @myfit_lifee @myfit_lifee @myfit_lifee  #wcw #weightlossjourney #inspiration #fitfam


Emelie dancing along the edge

Baked sweet potato fries with fresh guacamole (avocado, red onion, cilantro, sea salt, lime, cracked pepper) 🙌
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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
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These nights come and go but tonight seems to be worse than the rest.
I know I have a boyfriend that loves me very much but I have never felt more alone. He says he’s on my team and wants to help, but I feel the opposite.
If you can’t help yourself, then how are you going to help others?
He says he wants to slim down and have the runner body he had in high school, but then he goes to the store and buys multiple bags of candy, chips and energy drinks.
I know I weigh about 130lbs more than him and I’m not the best at clean eating but it kills me on the inside to see him put that crap into his body.
I know this journey is something I have to do myself, but it’s even more difficult when I feel like I have zero support. I have over 900 followers on Tumblr and I’m sure 99% of them won’t read or respond to this.
I need help. I don’t know what for or how to ask for it but I know I need it.
Lately I have been feeling like a complete failure.



I literally felt like I did not have a choice.

Robin Williams says reblog, you reblog. 
"When you love yourself, it’s easier to look at others and acknowledge their strengths rather than be jealous of them."
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