This is me.  One year. Almost 60lbs down.  Happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Hi it’s a nice Sunday afternoon and so it’s promo time woohooooo 

-first 150 reblogs 
-will promote 30 in lists of 5 to 12.5K 
-MBF me (my-fresh-beginning) 
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22 years young today! I am glad that I get to spend it with my family and boyfriend in California! I am excited for what this next year will bring. #goodvibes
Mini golf date ❤️
It’s Tuesday! That’s means #ewl is on tonight! Can’t wait to see another transformation and the amazing power couple @realchrispowell and @realheidipowell! I would do anything to be able to work out with them once! #dreams #100happydays
Came across the #ontherun 22 day challenge on @chilltash’s blog! 22 days. 2 miles a day on top of normal workouts. #letsdothis! #100happydays
Spinach, raspberry, nectarine and chia smoothie! Yum! #weightlossjourney #cleaneating #gettingbackontrack #fitfam #100happydays
Six months ago, this amazing man asked me to be his girlfriend. I’m glad I said yes because I couldn’t be happier. I love you babe and I’m excited to see what adventures the future brings us! #100happydays
Walked out of work after a tiring closing shift to my boyfriend and these beauties. Best ending to a Saturday night and beginning of six months together. I’m a lucky woman! #100happydays
Hey! Everyone should go like my Facebook page for my #weightlossjourney. I figured it would help me get back on track and help me stay there since I am on Facebook a bunch. #likeaway #weightloss #motivation #fitfam #onederland #flabtofab
Finally was able to find #arcticzone ice cream so that I could try it. Heard nothing but great things. Love that the first and second ingredients are purified water and whey protein. Also, only 150 calories for the WHOLE pint! Definitely recommend! #cheatclean #weightlossjourney #100happydays